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The Way They See It

Quote of the Day

"You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life,

but by realizing who you are at the deepest level". 

~Eckhart Tolle

"A Divine Being, placed in a human body."

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You will save a LIFE! 

"The person who completes suicide, dies once.  Those left behind die a thousand deaths, trying to relive those terribe moments and understand... Why?"~Clark B.

Be Heard and Be Published. We are needing your voice to co-create the next book in the series. Your voice can save lives.

Send in YOUR answers to be published for: 

"The Way They See It, Rebuilding Bridges Between The Depressed, The Suicidal and The Loved Ones Left Behind" to enlighten a shattered world. 

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The Jew, the Christian, and the Muslim

and all other Religions

1) The thing I love about my Faith is...
2.) The thing I don't like about my RELIGION is...
3) What I would like you to know about Me is...
4) The stress I am under being this faith is...
5) What I need from YOU is...

(we will "omit" your faith or any references to it- so we can let the reader truly listen to your words unfiltered- then at the back of the book reveal your exterior identity and "label")

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The Bully and the Bullied

1) The thing I love about my role in the bully/bullied is ...

2) The thing I don't like about bullying/being bullied  is ...

3) What I would like you to know about 

ME is...

4) The stress I am under being this role is...

5) What I need from YOU is...

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The White Cop and the African American Youth

1) The thing I love about being  a White Cop /black youth is...

2) The thing I don't like about being a White cop /black youth is ...

3) What I would like for you to know about ME is...

4) The stress I am under being this 

skin tone is...

5) What I need from YOU is...

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 Together Let's Build Bridges!

Send in your authentic insights to these 5 questions! We want to know your honest answers so we can better understand you and the sensitive topic on a humanly connected level! We are all ONE let's all feel what we are all experiencing!

1) What I love about... 

2) What I don't like about... 

3) What I want you to know about Me is...
4) The stress I am under being Me is... 

5) What I need from YOU is...

You can stay anonymous or you can let us know who you are! We would love a head shot of yourself as well if you are so inclined! If you are local we have a phenomenal photographer who can capture part of your essence!  Send thought out answers to  [email protected].com Thank YOU

"What I need most from my parents is, honestly, just their support and encouragement.  I don't need them to be constant cheerleaders in all aspects of my life, but having them encourage me to do my best is very important.  When I played volleyball, it made the biggest difference when they came and watched my games. Seeing them out in the stands makes me want to do better.  Although I would often tell them not to come, I always secretly wished they were in the crowd cheering me on. Knowing that I have a support system makes it easier to make the right decisions in life and to do my best.  I think it also strengthens relationships when parents and children support each other in everything they do."

~Sophie, 17

Page 256

Sophie, 17

Director of High Fives, Apple






Head of Potatoes, The Internet

"What I need from my kids is... 

To truly understand the sole purpose of our existence- to know, follow and do God's Will.

'Life is a journey home-bound'~ to get back to Heaven and bring as many as we can back home with us!I also need Open Communication and honesty. 

They need to know 100% that 

I am their #1 Advocate for their entire well being- I am partners with God and husband, of course."

~Jacki, mother of 4

Page 289

Jacki, mother of 4

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor